1.7µm and 2.6µm linear InGaAs PIN diodes

Update: August 11, 2023
1.7µm and 2.6µm linear InGaAs PIN diodes

“The Atlas brand package is designed to deliver performance and reliability for applications including aerospace, medical, defence, wearables and industrial,” according to New York-based Marktech. “In addition, refinement of the hermetic package has improved seal performance and reliability. A few orbiting satellites even contain space-qualified versions of the package.”

Sensitivity and linearity is applicable to spectroscopy, gas sensing, moisture analysis, pyrometerers and optical communication, it added.

1.7µm devices sense across 600 to 1,700nm for visible, near-infra-red and short-wave infra-red radiation. The longer wavelength types work across 800 to 2,600nm.

“The ability to detect in the short-wave infra-red wavelengths has opened up applications in medical diagnostics, food sorting and chemical analysis,” said Marktech. “Short-wave infra-red also penetrates into human tissue, which is helpful in medical diagnostics and wearables.

Versions with 0.3, 1 and 1.5mm active areas are available to trade speed for gain – the first two have a 3 x 3mm footprint and are 1.3mm high, and the 1.5mm version is 5 x 5 x 1.75mm.

For really wide spectral range, the company can put InGaAs and silicon photodiodes in the same package (right) to span 250 to 2,600nm.