3.5 mm pitch wire end connector needs no tools

Update: May 23, 2023
3.5 mm pitch wire end connector needs no tools

“Following the principle of a mousetrap, the conductor is caught simply by inserting it into the connector,” according to the company. “Clamping contacts provide a long-term, reliable rigid and flexible connection for the conductors, with or without ferrules.”

The conductor is inserted into the clamping space and, when it pushes a release element inside, a contact spring is released – it is this spring that is intended to permanently clamp the conductor with a defined force.

The act of clamping is indicated by an audible sound and the changed position of the orange release lever – the latter of which is the route to release a conductor if necessary, and to pretension the contact spring ready for trapping its next wire.

Picking the seven-way XPC 1,5/ 7-ST-3,5 as an example, contacts are rated at 8A, 160V (III/3, III/2), 320V (II/2), 2.5kV surge and 2.2mΩ.

XPC 1,5 PCB is compatible with Phoenix’s Combicon 3.5 mm pitch range to broaden its application range.

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