3D Hall magnetic sensor is accurate to 2.6% full-scale

3D Hall magnetic sensor is accurate to 2.6% full-scale

The first device in a family of 3D Hall-effect position sensors, TMAG5170 is intended for factory automation and motor-drives.

Using the SPI interface, sensitivity is individually settable for each axis over ±25, ±50 or ±100mT in the TMAG5170A1 version, or ±75, ±150 or ±300mT in the TMAG5170A2. Many sample rates can be selected, with slower rates delivering batter signal to noise ratios. They range from as fast as 20ksample/s (one channel only) to all three channels at 400sample/s.

Two channel power consumption is 292µA at 1Khz data rate (Vcc = 5V) and 1.6µA at 1Hz.

X, Y, Z magnetic and die temperature data are output over SPI, and cyclic redundancy check is implemented. Diagnostic blocks are embedded to enable checks for communication, continuity and internal signal path – as well as configurable diagnostics for the external power supply, magnetic field and system temperature.

An alert function can trigger an output to generate an interrupt signal when a conversion completes or a diagnostic test detects an error, or it can be configured as a magnetic switch with one or multiple magnetic thresholds on the various channels. The alert can be delaysed for a number of threshold crossings to improve noise performance.

Packaging is 8pin 3 x 5mm plastic small-outline and operation is over 2.3 to 5.5V and -40 to 150°C.