5W from a 1in square dc-dc converter

5W from a 1in square dc-dc converter

REC5K-2405SAW/H4, as it will be known, provides a regulated 5V output, at 1A with 18 – 36V inputs – the ‘AW’ in the part number announces this wide (4:1) input range. 4W can be sustained over 12 – 18Vin and 3W across 9 – 12Vin.

Output accuracy of the PCB-mount part is typically ±2.5%, with ±2%max line regulation and ±2%max regulation for loads across 10 – 100%. Efficiency is typically 77% and capacitive loadin is up to 3,000μF.

Operation is from -40°C to 110°C ambient (with derating), up to 5000m and in pollution degree two (PD2) environments.

Certification is to EN/UL/IEC 62368-1 basic grade isolation, and the ‘HV’ in the part number indicates 4kV withstanding for 1s.

EN 55032 Class B EMX can be met if a six passive component external filter is added – dig out the data sheet for the suggested circuit.

Protections include input under-voltage lock-out and output short-circuit, and an ‘off’ control drops consumption to 3mAtyp.

MTBF is >1.4Mhr at 25°C (MIL-HDBK-217F, ground benign).

“The combination of wide input and temperature operating ranges with high power density make the REC5K-AW ideal for, for example, medical and industrial applications,” said Recon.

The REC5K-AW product page can be found here

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