5x5mm Lighting LED

Update: August 11, 2023
5x5mm Lighting LED

Called ‘J Series 5050C E Class’, they can be identified by part numbers of the form:


Maximum current is 1A, and light output increases almost linearly with current, but drops with temperature – 480 lm at 25°C typically drops to 451 lm at 85°C.

Efficacy can be as high as 213 lm/W (4,000K 70CRI) . depending on binning, drive and temperature.

Forward voltage is typically 5.2V at 30mA, 5.64V at 400mA and 6.07V at 1A.

“These LEDs are also designed with superior corrosion resistance for the most challenging
environments,” claimed the company. They suit “outdoor area, high bay, low bay, roadway and indoor professional applications”.

Colour temperatures span 2,200K-6,500K and there are 70, 80 and 90 CRI option.

They are flux binned at 25°C and chromaticity binned at 85°C.

UL recognition is E495478.

Find the data sheet for these LEDs here