AC PCB relay delivers high current and voltage capacity

Omron Electronic Components Europe has expanded its AC Relay portfolio to deliver its highest current and voltage capacity for AC PCB relays. The new G9KA-E has a voltage capacity of up to 1000VAC and a current of up to 300A, one of the highest specifications in the PCB relay market.

The new series guarantees a mechanical lifetime of 100,000 operations. Its ultra-low contact resistance of 0.2mOhm maximum minimises contact terminal heating enabling it to carry high current loads. The plunger-type relay structure supplies high endurance and lower power consumption, while well-designed terminals enhance heat dissipation, further enhancing safety and longevity.

Applications comprise grid-tie inverters and UPS, and the series can be applied to inverters for photovoltaic and energy storage systems. The device is particularly suitable for use in 200-400kVA/600-800VAC inverters. The AC PCB relay is also excellent for UPS input and output lines, supplying disconnect from the grid and the load. A singular advantage here is its suitability for power supplies incorporating 100-200kVA, Three-Phase 400VAC input/output circuits.

Replacing traditional contactors in all applications, these new PCB high-power relays decrease system weight and size while providing simpler manual or automated assembly.