Amphenol introduces external antennas

External antennas connect to familiar interfaces such as SMA, RP-SMA and N-Type and are available in single, dual and wide-band configurations. These antennas are widely used in Bluetooth, wireless protocols, WLAN/WWAN and IOT applications.Amphenol introduces external antennas

External antennas have a number of design options – straight and swivel whip-style, and panel and external mount cabled designs. They are constructed from common RF interface materials with plastic antenna casings and mechanical hinges and swivels. These antennas are often mounted on the outside of a device by means of an RF connector interface. They are made for indoor and outdoor use with robust designs available for harsher environments.

This type of antenna is available as either the monopole or dipole design and is typically used for higher power transmission and reception. They are well-suited for wireless routers and set-top boxes, industrial IoT devices, handheld remote control units and surveillance cameras. Waterproof IP67-rated options are also available along with custom solutions upon request.

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