Battery-powered ultrasonic liquid level indicator for pipes

Update: May 24, 2023

Saelig Company, Inc has released the Portapipe 3174740-PIPE – a portable, battery-powered liquid level indicator developed to non-invasively, accurately, and reliably measure the liquid level within pipes and small cylinders via vessel walls. It has a built-in database which includes commonly used fluids such as water (at 10C, 20C or 30C), seawater, diesel, gasoline, fuel oil, LPG, ethanol, FK-5-1-12, Freon R134A, Freon R22, HFC-227ea, methanol, FM200, NOVEC 1230 and many more. Extra fluid characteristics can be added just by inputting its speed of sound. Portapipe works with various pipe materials since it provides a built-in database of commonly used pipe materials, including carbon steel, copper, PVC, and fibreglass, together with respective sound speeds.

The device is a highly precise, non-invasive pulse-echo liquid level indicator. With its two distinct mechanisms for liquid level detection and measuring, this all-in-one tool can determine the fluid level in horizontal or vertical pipes, cylinders, or other containers from a minimum size of 25mm (1″) to a maximum size of 331 mm (13″) diameter.

ToF measurements are excellent for horizontal pipes, where ultrasonic pulses are transmitted from the bottom of the pipe through to the surface of the liquid. When the pulse reaches the surface, it is reflected to the sensor. The device precisely measures the time this takes before being converted into an accurate reading of the exact height of the liquid in the pipe. This value is shown on the Screen as a ‘percentage fullness’ based on the diameter of the pipe.

However, the absence/presence method will enable results consistently, reliably, and easily for determining the exact transition between liquid and gas in vertical pipes. Simply entering the information of the pipe and fluid into the device and scanning can begin over the length of the pipe with the instrument’s sensor. When the sensor is placed below the liquid, the ultrasonic pulse will be transmitted via the liquid to the far wall of the container and then reflected back to the sensor. Consequently, the device will consistently read 100% full below the liquid level, and the instrument’s black bar indicator will be full. Above the level, however, the pulse will not be transmitted beyond the near wall of the pipe, so that the percentage value will fluctuate, and the black bar indicator will be empty. The liquid level is, therefore, located at the point at which the bar indicator changes from full to empty or vice-versa.

The device can be trusted to provide unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and efficiency for a wide range of pipe liquid level measurement needs. It is supplied in a robust, protective carrying case, ideal for transportation, storage, and protection in harsh environments, and with a Calibration Certificate that provides traceability of accuracy.

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