Capacitors and inductors both display excellent characteristics

Equipped with thin-film technology, the Accu-P is a high-frequency capacitor displaying truly ideal characteristics. The devices are available now from TTI Europe. Thin-film technology is generally used in manufacturing Semiconductor devices. In the last two decades, this technology has advanced considerably, both in performance and in process control. Today’s techniques facilitate line definitions of below 1μm, and the controlling of thickness of layers at 100Å (10-2μm). Utilising this technology in the manufacture of capacitors has allowed the development of components where electrical and physical properties can be tightly controlled.

The Accu-L Inductor is especially ideal for the wireless industry, where there is a progressive trend towards miniaturisation and growing frequencies. The satisfies the performance and tolerance demands of all cellular frequencies. The use of very low-loss dielectric materials, silicon dioxide and silicon oxynitride, together with highly conductive electrode metals produces low ESR and high Q. These high-frequency characteristics alter at a slower rate with increasing frequency than for ceramic microwave inductors. Due to the thin-film technology, the above-mentioned frequency characteristics are achieved with no significant compromise of properties needed for surface mounting.

Typical application areas include antenna matching, impedance matching, smart metering, impedance matching, infotainment systems, collision avoidance systems, vehicle to vehicle communication, GSM/GPRS pulse applications, keyless entry, portable devices, IoT, and radar.