Compact and high-performance SolidGaN integrated half-bridge solution with driver

Update: March 29, 2023

Innoscience Technology has released the first in a new family of SolidGaN-integrated GaN devices. ISG3201 is a complete half-bridge circuit comprising two 100V 3.2mOhm InnoGaN HEMTs and the necessary driver circuitry in an LGA package measuring only 5mm x 6.5mm x 1.1mm.

Explains Yi Sun, general manager of Innoscience America and Senior VP: “Innoscience is now offering designers a choice between the ultimate flexibility of using a discrete solution, and this new integrated approach which is very compact and simple to use and soldering and simplifying the power stage layout.”

The device comprises two 100V 3.2mOhm e-mode GaN HEMTs with driver, driving Resistor, bootstrap and Vcc Capacitors. It provides a 34A continuous current capability, zero reverse recovery charge and ultra-low on resistance. Due to the high level of integration, gate loop and power loop parasitics are kept under 1nH. Consequently, voltage spikes on switching nodes are minimised. The Turn-On speed of the half-bridge GaN HEMTs can be altered by employing a single resistor.

The device is ideal for high-frequency Buck converters, half-bridge or full-bridge converters, Class D audio amplifiers, LLC converters and power modules. The integrated solution can save up to 20% PCB space on discrete GaN designs and 73% board space on conventional silicon implementations.

Adds Dr Pengju Kong, VP of Product Design Engineering at Innoscience: “The ISG3201 half-bridge device is the first in a whole family of SolidGaN integrated GaN-based solutions that Innoscience plans to launch this year, including further half-bridge circuits with different voltage ratings. Innoscience aims to offer engineers exactly what they want – integrated solutions or discrete devices – enabling them to achieve the best possible result for their design, minimising development time and reducing cost.”