Compact common mode choke coils meet demands of ADAS

Murata has introduced the DLW32PH122XK2 wire wound chip common mode choke coil. AEC-Q200-qualified, this 1210-inch size (3.2mm × 2.5mm) component is aimed at suppressing wideband common mode noise in modern automotive designs. It is of special value when managing the power supply line noise issues as ADAS hardware connects with wide frequency band sensors and imaging equipment (radar, LiDAR, etc.). This coil has many opportunities to suppress noise in industrial and consumer devices.

The device draws on the company’s proprietary winding technology, in-depth understanding of materials science, and ability to transition innovative design concepts into volume-manufactured products. At 100MHz, this component exhibits 1200-Ohm (typical) impedance levels and maintains 900-Ohm (typical) even when 1GHz frequencies are applied. Any competing chokes functioning over such an extensive spectrum of frequencies would be substantially larger, making them impracticable in space-constrained environments.

The device is 60VDC rated and supports currents up to 1.2A at 105C. It is the world’s first 1210-inch high-frequency, high-current common mode choke coil for power supply lines to handle such currents and simultaneously has effective impedances at GHz frequencies. A low DC resistance of 0.05-Ohm (typical) mitigates power losses and curbs unwanted heat generation.