Dev kit for wireless charging at up to 50W

Dev kit for wireless charging at up to 50W

Called REF_WLC_TX50W_N1, it consists of the reference board, firmware and software utility called the ‘wireless charging configuration utility’.

The design is a Qi-compatible transmitter, with an MP-A2 type transmitter coil, that delivers 50W to Infineon’s own receiver (REF_WLC_RX50W_N1) and a proprietary protocol, taking power from a USB Type-C PD adaptor. The input voltage will be automatically configured to 20V, and it can also also be powered from a fixed 20V 4A dc supply.

The transmitter is also compatible with charging Qi 1.3.2 basic power profile (BPP) and extended power profile (EPP) receivers. It can also deliver 15W (max) to a WPC-compliant wireless receiver – the input will auto-configure to take 12 or 15V from a Type-C PD adaptor – based on PPS/PD contract capability.

The input supply is used to power a full-bridge inverter driving a resonance tank consisting of the transmit coil and a resonating capacitor. The inverter controls the output power by varying switching frequency and duty cycle.

The control IC, WLC1150, has integrated gate drivers for the inverter power supplies and a buck controller that operates the fan built into the transmit hardware. WLC1150 supports on-chip identification, which can be externally augmented to support Qi authentication.

“REF_WLC_TX50W_N1 is also compatible to charge iPhones, where the inverter operates at a fixed frequency of 127.7kHz and 50% duty by taking power from a Type-C PPS adaptor,” said Infineon. “The input voltage supplied by the PPS adaptor will be controlled by WLC1150.”

The kit is available that includes the transmit hardware, a 65W PPS-compatible USB power adaptor,  a 50W receiver demo board and a quick-start guide. A Windows PC running Windows 10 or higher is needed to run the wireless charging configuration utility.

The REF_WLC_TX50W_N1 product page can be found here

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