Enabling rapid prototyping of wireless devices with ML capabilities

Mouser now stocks the Thingy:53 rapid prototyping platform from Nordic Semiconductor. Combining a range of sensors for light, motion, sound, and environmental factors, the platform delivers an ideal solution for building prototypes and proofs of concept.

This platform is based on the nRF5340 dual-core Arm Cortex M-33 SoC, and the nRF Edge Impulse mobile app enables embedded ML for prototype devices. The platform’s ML capabilities support various applications, incorporating voice recognition and movement pattern detection.

The rapid prototyping platform provides a comprehensive range of sensors and peripherals to support IoT application development. The platform’s environmental sensor measures air quality, air pressure, humidity, and temperature in real time, while the low-power accelerometer supports a wide spectrum of motion detection functions. The platform also provides a connector for external accessories and boards, extending the possible applications for prototype devices.

The platform supplies power management features provided by the nPM1100 PMIC, an onboard nRF21540 FEM for wireless connectivity and an integrated (PA/LNA range extender. The platform’s ML capabilities facilitate outstanding low-power performance, as devices can conserve battery life when no external stimuli trigger the embedded sensors. The platform comprises a debug and current measurement board, permitting engineers to quickly monitor power consumption and troubleshoot application code.