Eval kit for NXP S32G processor family

Eval kit for NXP S32G processor family

The kit is designed as a modular single-board computer, with connections for Flexray (2x), LIN (4x), CAN (16x plus 2x CAN FD) and Ethernet for attaching peripherals.

As well as the motherboard, it comes with a S32G399A SoM with pre-installed Linux, a power supply and cables.

As well as Linux, VXWorks can be supported, and the similar S32G274A system-on-module can be supported.

“Developers of mixed-critical safety applications benefit from up to eight Arm Cortex-A53 cores and four Arm Cortex-M7 dual-core lockstep pairs,” according to the company. “This is sufficient to process lidar and video data alongside functionally safe vehicle control. When extended with one or two Hailo-8 AI processor modules, the evaluation kit also provides pre-trained computer vision models for situational awareness.”

Eval kit for NXP S32G processor family

As well as the cores, there is 4Gbyte of 32bit soldered LPDDR4 ram, 64Mbyte of QSPI flash, a SDcard interface, and up to 32Gbyte of eMMC. Boot can be from XSPI, eMMC or SD card.

There is room for one miniPCIe module and one Type M m.2 module.

Find the SBC-S32G399A web page here

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