Expanded circuit protection ICs series for diverse and demanding applications

Update: March 16, 2023

Littelfuse, Inc released four versatile circuit protection devices in the eFuse Protection ICs product line.

The latest eFuse Protection ICs use an innovative design excellent for various power inputs (3.3V to 28V) with highly integrated protection. These Semiconductor-based electronic fuses deliver robust overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, and inrush current protection. Extra features comprise reverse current blocking, under voltage lockout, soft start, and overtemperature protection with real-time diagnostics – all in one compact chip. The devices are ideal for use in a huge range of electronics designs.

“The expanded eFuse Protection ICs product line delivers clear performance advantages for electronics designers,” said Bernie Hsieh, assistant product manager of the Protection Semiconductor Business team at Littelfuse. “Compared to traditional fuse, PTCs, power switches, and discrete solutions like Schottky diode and mosfet combinations, the eFuses provide exceptional integration, adjustability, flexibility, and reliable protection features in highly compact form factors that save PC board space.”

The devices provide faster response time, highly accurate current limiting, and more integrated protection, control, and sensing features than traditional fuses and PTCs. Compared to conventional power switches, they incorporate more flexibility, including adjustable overvoltage threshold, current limiting, inrush current, and accurate reverse current blocking. They provide a reduced design-in phase, PCB space requirements, BOM cost, and time-to-market compared to typical discrete solutions (such as swap controller plus MOSFET). The maximised equipment uptime improves product reliability, increases battery life, lowers repair costs, and lengthens overall product lifetime.