Expanded Line of C-band antennas offer increased speeds

KP Performance Antennas has released a new line of C-band antennas for accessing the widest extent of unlicensed C-band frequencies.

The new series delivers full C-band coverage from 3.3GHz to 4.2GHz for use in bands n77, n78 and n79. It comprises various antennas, including flat panel, parabolic and sector antenna options. Superior performance is realised with +/-45 slant polarisation for optimal chain balancing and uniform coverage.

Its C-band antennas deliver even faster speeds with two-port and four-port configurations for advanced MIMO deployments. They deliver reduced cellular interference with low front-to-back ratios and intercontinental usage in US and European 5G networks.

“Our new C-band antennas allow our customers to unlock C-band access for increased speeds and lower network congestion. They deliver fast speeds, upwards of 100 Mbps, while covering long distances with the use of fewer cell towers,” said Kevin Hietpas, Antenna product line manager.