Extensive sensor portfolio offers more sensing components for real-world interaction

Update: May 10, 2023

Mouser has added several new sensor products to its already comprehensive sensing portfolio. The company now offers many new sensor products available including the following:

The AS7331 Three-Channel UV-A/B/C Spectral Sensor from ams OSRAM is intended for a broad range of ultraviolet light-based applications, such as UV curing, water purification, and phototherapy. The sensor is a compact OLGA-packaged three-channel UV sensor. Utilising interference filters to detect UV-A (315nm to 410nm), UV-B (280nm to 315nm), and UV-C (240nm to 280nm) wavelengths, the sensor displays a high rejection characteristic to near-infrared and ambient visible light. The low-power device communicates with the host through an I2C interface and provides an in-package temperature sensor. Configurable sensor parameters include conversion time, gain, and irradiance responsivity.

The MMC3630KJ Three-Axis Magnetic Sensor from MEMSIC is a three-axis MEMS-based magnetic sensor IC providing all signal conditioning, signal processing, and data conversion functions. Able to detect magnetic fields in the range of +/-30G to a LSB resolution of 1mG at up to a 600Hz sampling rate, the sensor communicates over I2C and is capable of fast-rate 400kHz operation. Housed in an ultra-low 1.2mm x 1.2mm x 0.5mm BGA package, the MMC3630KJ suits varied electronic compasses, position sensing, and GPS applications. The device provides a heading resolution of +/-1° in electronic compass designs. In sleep mode, the sensor uses just 1µA.

The XENSIV KIT CSK PASCO2 and XENSIV KIT CSK BGT60TR13C connected sensor kits from Infineon Technologies offer a complete prototyping sensor development platform for a wide range of use cases, including radar, environmental IoT sensors, and smart home applications. By combining sensors, an Infineon PSoC 6 microcontroller, and an Infineon OPTIGA Trust M security controller into a single CSK platform, the kits provide a convenient, quick, and secure approach to sensor prototyping. The PASCO2 CO2 sensor employs a photoacoustic spectroscopy method to detect the existence of CO2 molecules, with the measurements converted into digital ppm values. The BGT60TR13C kit includes a highly integrated 60GHz millimetre wave doppler motion antenna-in-package sensor integrated with a DPS368 barometric pressure sensor.

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