Extremely fast data transfer via microSD and SD card slots

Amphenol CS provides extremely fast data transfer rates of up to 985MB/s with the SD Express and microSD Express card sockets. The connectors and other components from Amphenol CS are available now at Rutronik.

The connectors support the PCIe Gen 3 interface and the NVMe application protocol. These connectors comply with SD 7.0 specifications, offer a pin recognition function that makes sure better read function when inserting the memory card, and at the same time, improve protection.

The SD Express version is a push-push connector with Gold Flash contact surface. While the microSD Express is offered as a push-pull variant with gold-plated connectors (30u”) for corrosion resistance and optimal conduction of the electrical signal.

These types are backwards compatible with the past Legacy version for (micro)SD cards. They also provide a long service life of 5,000 mating cycles.

The products are RoHS conform and lead-free and are manufactured with halogen-free resin.

The target applications include consumer electronics such as notebook PCs, digital cameras, UAVs/drones, game consoles, smartphones, pads, servers, and automotive applications such as infotainment or automotive recorders