Fabless fell 9.2% in Q4

Update: August 11, 2023
Fabless fell 9.2% in Q4
A weak consumer market and customer inventory adjustment were to blame. although Qualcomm was No.1, its revenues from smartphones and IoT fell 22.6% and 16.2%, respectively, resulting in the company’s revenue contracting to US$7.89 billion—a 20.3% QoQ decline. Broadcom was second at $7.1 billion—a 2.4% QoQ increase largely attributed to server storage connectivity, broadband, and wireless networks, which have offset the impact of inventory adjustments.

NVIDIA’s Q4 revenue of  $5.93 billion showed a 2.7% QoQ decline.

AMD’s revenue increased 0.6% due to higher adoption rates of EPYC CPUs by data centers and the acquisition of Xilinx, which helped drive the FPGA and DPU business, bringing overall revenue to $5.6 billion.

MediaTek, whose main business revenue comes from smartphones and other consumer product chips, saw the greatest drop in revenue as all its product areas were affected; smartphone revenue experienced the greatest decrease at around 30%. MediaTek’s Q4 revenue was only $3.45 billion—a 26.2% QoQ decrease.

Novatek made a significant leap in the rankings, surpassing Realtek to secure the seventh position. The company’s Q4 revenue reached $715 million—an 11.2% QoQ increase—representing the highest growth among all top IC design houses in 4Q22.

Realtek, which fell to the eighth position, was impacted by weak demand for PCs and laptops, loss of Ethernet orders, and restrictions from China, resulting in a nearly 30% QoQ decline to $694 million.

Cirrus Logic which is dependent on Apple for 80% – sometimes 90% – of its sales, saw revenue grow by 9.3% in 4Q22, reaching $591 million, primarily due to the release of new iPhone models.

Marvell had Q4 revenue of  $1.46 billion—a 4.8% QoQ decrease—primarily due to a significant decline in revenue from storage server applications.

Will Semiconductor benefited from inventory demand for some new Android devices, resulting in a 2.7% QoQ revenue increase, or approximately $531 million.

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