Farnell signs Grayhill

The agreement includes optical encoders and joysticks, rotary switches, keypads, pushbuttons and touch encoders.

Farnell signs Grayhill

Grayhill specialises in optimising haptics which results in its products being used in precision medical devices and defence applications, including emergency responder radios, as well as luxury car manufacturers and rugged interfaces for off-road vehicles.

 ”The rise of haptics in the field of touchscreens and many other human interface devices is an area of expertise that runs deep at Grayhill,” says Farnell’s Keith Forbes.

@This new agreement provides the means to deliver Grayhill’s products across EMEA and APAC with the advantages of local stock,” says Grayhill’s Karen Entriken, “our products offer customers precision and functionality for touch displays, keypads, and rotary switches that can support multiple languages and end-product configurations.”

Grayhill precision switches are now available from Farnell  EMEA, Newark in North America and element14 in APAC

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