FD-SoI FPGAs get PCIe and LPDDR4 interfacing

Update: August 12, 2023

MachXO5T-NX, as they are called, are suited to “a set of control function designs for enterprise networking, machine vision and industrial IoT”, it said.

They are built using the company’s FDSoI process (image right), which can dramatically reduce soft errors from radiation compared with bulk CMOS as there is less volume of Semiconductor (orange) with access to the transistors in whicg spurious carries can be generated,

Up to 7.2Mbit of memory is included, up to 55Mbit of user flash and up to 96k logic cells (see table below).

There are up to 291 general purpose IOs “that support early IO configuration and provide added features such as 1.25Gbit/s SGMII, default pull-down, hot-socketing and programmable slew rate”, said Lattice.

Multiple IO voltages are supported (1, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2.5 and 3.3V) and there are LVDS and MIPI interfaces.

PCIe and LPDDR4 interfacing feature on the larger two (53k and 96k cell) of the three announced devices.

For intellectual property protection, there is multi-boot with bit-stream encryption (AES256) and authentication (ECC256).

Packaging is 17 x 17mm with 0.8mm pitch, and there is a 14 x 14mm option for the smaller (25k cell) version.

MachXO5-NX MachXO5T-NX
Device LFMXO5-25 LFMXO5-55T LFMXO5-100T
Logic cells 25k 53k 96k
embedded memory blocks 80 (x18kbit) 166 208
Embedded memory 1440kbit 2988 3744
Distributed ram 184kbit 320 639
Large memory blocks 1 5 7
Large memory bits 512kbit 2560 3584
18×18 multipliers 20 146 156
ADC blocks 2 2 2
450MHz oscillator 1 1 1
128kHz oscillator 1 1 1
PCIe Gen2 hard IP 0 1 1
GPLL 2 4 4
User flash (without initialisation) 15Mbit 79 79

Lattice sources vary on some of the numbers used in the above article and table (fact checking is under way), so check them for yourself if they are important to you.

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