First continuous laser-assisted deposition technology for electronics

ioTech Group Ltd has introduced the world’s first Continuous Laser-Assisted Deposition (CLAD) technology. ioTech’s first system is dedicated to electronics manufacturing.

The company has been developing a unique disruptive multi-material additive manufacturing technology since early 2016. CLAD can process virtually any industry certified material at high resolution and high speed, facilitating full-scale digital production. Manufacturers can use their standard industrial materials, control the deposition of every single drop and reach unmatched production yields.

The speed and capacity of the technology provide complete commercial solutions over multiple industries and hold potential for mass-manufacturing applications over Semiconductor packaging and PCBs, manufacturing and assembly.

“We are excited to introduce our unique CLAD technology to the electronics industry and additive manufacturing,” states Dr Michael Zenou, ioTech’s co-founder and CTO. “It’s ability to deposit any flowable industrial material for so many applications is unprecedented. It will increase production efficiencies and encourage innovation for many companies. A whole host of industries will be able to adopt an agile manufacturing approach to deliver fully functional products fast, facilitating mass customisation when required, and at the same time, be eco-friendly. The flexibility of CLAD is simply remarkable.”