Fluorescent and photoluminescent printing solutions

Update: April 19, 2023

Fluorescent and photoluminescent printing solutions

Hazardous areas or diffuse lighting conditions often need to attract attention and are also necessary. OKW has extended its range of custom printing colours to satisfy these needs.

Customers can now select its products with labels and graphics created (by Screen or tampo printing) employing new fluorescent inks. These are excellent for warning messages or attracting attention to equipment such as emergency electronics.

These special inks convert invisible UV light into visible light. This way, colours are perceived to be brighter, and a stronger contrast is attained with the same light intensity. This effect is especially strong against a dark background. Also known as hi-vis or signal inks, these fluorescent inks are offered in yellow, orange, red, pink, and green.

It is also often essential to assess the visibility of safety and orientation signs or the highlighting of particular device functions through hours of darkness or in low light levels.

The company now provides photoluminescent inks (phosphorescent inks) to meet these needs. These special inks are mixed with phosphor particles to absorb light, store it and give it off again in the dark as an afterglow effect. These inks look especially outstanding when employed in screen printing.

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