Fuji 6MBP200KA060 In-Stock

Fuji 6MBP200KA060 In-Stock Fuji 6MBP200KA060 In-Stock

#6MBP200KA060 Fuji 6MBP200KA060 New 6IPM: 200A600V, 6MBP200KA060 pictures, 6MBP200KA060 price, #6MBP200KA060 supplier
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6MBP200KA060 Description

Classified as an IGBT Semiconductor, 6MBP200KA060 weighs 5.34 lbs., with a collector current of 200A and a collector voltage of 600V.

6MBP200KA060 is an insulated type package module, and is considered as one of the best power modules of Fuji nowadays. Since it was released in the market, it has been helping a lot of factories, various companies, and any general purpose inverter operators.

A purchase of this module means you gain three benefits – high-efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness.


6MBP200KA060  5.34 lbs


6MBP200KA060 could be used in ? General Purpose Inverter Uninterruptible Power Supply Servo & Spindle Drive for CNC Machine Tools Robotics (Servo Drive foe Robots) Switching Power Supplies for Welding Machines
6IPM: 200A600V

Shunlongwei Inspected Every 6MBP200KA060 Before Ship, All 6MBP200KA060 with 6 months warranty.

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