Fuji NEW IGBT 7MBR25SA120-50 in-stock

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The 7MBR25SA120-50 is an IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) module manufactured by Fuji Electric. It is designed for high-power applications that require efficient switching and high voltage capability. Here are some key features and specifications of the 7MBR25SA120-50:

Power Rating: The 7MBR25SA120-50 is rated for a maximum collector current (IC) of 25A, making it suitable for medium to high-power applications.

voltage Rating: It has a maximum collector-emitter voltage (VCE) rating of 1200V, allowing it to handle high voltage levels.

IGBT Technology: The module utilizes advanced IGBT technology, which combines the advantages of both mosfet and bipolar junction Transistor (BJT) to achieve high switching speeds and low conduction losses.

Low Saturation Voltage: The 7MBR25SA120-50 exhibits low saturation voltage, resulting in reduced power losses during conduction.

High Switching Frequency: It is designed to operate at high switching frequencies, enabling efficient and rapid switching of the IGBTs.

Package Type: The 7MBR25SA120-50 is packaged in a module format, which includes the IGBT chips, gate drive circuitry, and other necessary components. This package provides ease of installation and thermal management.

Applications: This IGBT module is commonly used in various industrial applications such as motor drives, power converters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), renewable energy systems, and other high-power electronic systems.

The 7MBR25SA120-50 offers a combination of high power handling capability, efficient switching performance, and reliable protection features. It is well-suited for applications that require high voltage and high current switching with optimal power efficiency.