GaN HEMTs deliver class-leading performance

Update: May 11, 2023

ROHM has begun mass production of its 650V GaN HEMTs GNP1070TC-Z, and GNP1150TCA-Z, optimised for various power supply systems applications. These new products are developed with Ancora Semiconductors, Inc, an affiliate of Delta Electronics, Inc, which produces GaN devices.

After starting mass production of 150V GaN HEMTs – providing a gate breakdown voltage of 8V in 2022 – the company has established control IC technology for maximising GaN performance. This time, developing 650V GaN HEMTs provides market-leading performance that adds to higher efficiency and smaller size in a wider variety of power supply systems.

The GNP1070TC-Z and GNP1150TCA-Z deliver industry-leading performance in terms of RDS(ON) × Ciss / RDS(ON) × Coss, a FoM for GaN HEMTs, translating to higher efficiency in power supply systems. At the same time, a built-in ESD protection element enhances electrostatic breakdown resistance up to 3.5kV, leading to higher application reliability. GaN HEMTs’ high-speed switching characteristics also add to greater miniaturisation of peripheral components.

The company continues enhancing device performance through its EcoGaN lineup of GaN devices, contributing to greater energy application savings and miniaturisation. While developing its products, it will also promote joint development through strategic partnerships to solve social issues by making applications more efficient and compact.

Typical application examples are for various power supply systems in industrial equipment and consumer devices, including servers and AC adapters.

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