Global distribution agreement provides sustainable IoT solutions

Update: April 22, 2023

Mouser has signed a new global distribution agreement with EnOcean. The company’s family of tools and interfaces for Smart Building applications streamlines the commissioning and integration of control networks in IoT systems based on the ISO/IEC 14908-1 LON protocol and other open standards. It provides solutions that enable the integration of LON devices with energy-harvesting EnOcean devices for industrial applications, building automation, smart homes, lighting control, and more.

LON network design is made simpler by utilising the new IzoT Commissioning Tool. The tool enables designers to draw networks utilising the integrated Microsoft Visio tool, automatically configuring communication with LON devices and matching the configuration to the drawing. The result is a network drawing that evolves into “as-built” documentation for the network that is a critical deliverable from the building integrator to the building owner. The tool integrates any LON devices, including LON/IP, LON/IP-852, LON/IP-FT, LON/IP-TP-1250, LON-FT, LON-TP-1250, and LON-PL devices.

The U60 FT and U60 TP-1250 DIN USB network interface expansion modules provide a SmartServer edge server, embedded controller, or computer to communicate with LON-free topology or 1.25Mbps (TP-1250) twisted-pair networks through USB. The U60s enable communication with everyday devices like building automation, motors, pumps, valves, sensors, actuators and lights for lighting controls, energy management, transportation systems control and telecommunications equipment management. These compact devices are offered in DIN 43880 2TE-compliant enclosures and interface with LON/IP-FT, LON/IP-TP-1250, LON-FT, and LON-TP-1250 networks.

The modules enable an embedded controller or computer to communicate with LON/IP-FT and LON-FT networks through USB. These compact boards incorporate network and USB pin headers for fast integration into any controller or device. The source code for LON/IP protocol stacks and U60 drivers is free.

The U70 PL-20 USB network interface expansion module lets a SmartServer edge server, an embedded controller, or any computer communicate through USB with LON PL-20 power line carrier networks. The module enables communication with everyday devices communicating through power line networks such as street light controls for Smart City applications. The compact module is engineered in a DIN 43880 7TE compliant enclosure compatible.

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