GPUs for wearables and TVs

Update: May 25, 2023
GPUs for wearables and TVs

Called CXM, at least some of them support 4K resolution, and at least some support 10bit RGBA and YUV ‘HDR (high dynamic range) operation.

“CXM GPUs boast nearly 50% more performance in the same silicon area than IMG BXM cores,” according to the company, claiming: “CXM is includes the smallest GPU in the market to support HDR natively.”

CXM-2-64 is the “smallest GPU to support native HDR”, and is aimed at wearable devices, SmartHubs or mainstream set-top boxes.

CXM-4-64 is aimed at SmartHubs, set-top boxes or mainstream digital TVs.

CXM-4-128 is aimed at premium digital TVs.

Another couple of features to be found amongst these GPUs are ‘4xMSAA’ to smooths outlines of texts and images, ‘TFBCv2’ frame buffer compression for lossy or lossless compression.

“CXM is supported by software that supports API trends including Vulkan 1.3, and has been optimised for CPU architectures including Arm and RISC-V,” said Imagination.

TFBCv2 frame buffer compression will be demonstrated at RISC-V Con Shanghai and RISC-V Con Beijing.

The minimal CXM product page can be found here

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