High accuracy op-amp ideal for multiple applications

STMicroelectronics TSU112IY Nanopower High Accuracy Operational Amplifier, available now from Mouser, offers an ultra-low-power consumption per channel of 920nA typical and 1.3µA maximum when supplied by 3.3V. Combined with a supply voltage range of 1.5V to 5.5V, these features allow the op-amp to be efficiently supplied by a coin-type Lithium battery or a regulated voltage in low-power applications. The high accuracy of 150µV (max) and 9kHz gain bandwidth make the device ideal for sensor signal conditioning and more.

Application fields for this device include battery management system (ultra-low power op-amp detects when the battery is charging/discharging and wakes up CPU), onboard chargers, signal conditioning for energy harvesting, and wireless chargers.