High-performance dielectric resonators and ferrites range increased

Exxelia has increased its Dielectric Resonators material, and Ferrite ranges for high-frequency applications. New capabilities include using its latest E7000 material, which delivers narrow bandwidths, temperature stability and high Q-factor, and advanced manufacturing skills like the capability to produce extremely small size and complex ferrite designs.

Its E7000 series is a Ba-Mg-Ta-based material that integrates an ultra-high Q-factor and the opportunity to get different temperature coefficients upon request. It provides the highest performance for space use in the frequency range from 5GHz to 32GHz and guarantees a Qxf up to >250 000 at 10GHz.

It can now support the most advanced RF designs by delivering complex geometries, including Y-shape ferrites for microwave switches or Toroidal designs for phase shifters applications. Those miniaturised and complex products may only be as small as a few millimetres and benefit from outstanding quality, excellent performance, and low loss (ΔH) materials.

Nicolas Dabadie, Microwave Materials business development manager at Exxelia, said: “We are pleased to support our customers more and more complex designs and demanding applications. Our unique capability to master the manufacturing from raw materials to high-end finished products opens the way to new solutions for microwave applications going from few MHz to 40GHz”.

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