High-performance IMU for autonomous vehicles robots and ADAS

ACEINNA’s new IMU330RA is a straightforward-to-integrate, high-performance 6-DOF inertial sensor packed in a ruggedised, sealed, over-moulded plastic housing at IP69K level. It provides a redundant three-Axis Accelerometer and three-Axis Rate Gyroscope sensors for outstanding accuracy and reliability.

The module supports 1000Base-T1 Automotive Ethernet and CAN-FD interfaces and supplies up to 1000Hz update rate with low latency. The sensor is an automotive-grade, ASIL B-certified device that is the basis for customer positioning system integration to ASIL D.

“Our new ACEINNA IMU330RA IMU sensor is designed for use in Automotive Level 3 and higher ADAS systems,” says Teoman Ustun, VP of ACEINNA’s Automotive Business Unit. “This new sensor module provides encrypted data, at up to 1000Hz output rate over both Ethernet and CAN-FD interfaces, and supports precise synchronisation based on gPTP 802.1AS:2020 and Unified Diagnostic Services.”

IMU technology is essential to today’s and tomorrow’s navigation and safety systems for autonomous vehicles and ADAS systems. IMUs work with various perception sensors (Lidar, cameras, radar, odometry, etc.) to ensure the vehicle stays on the correct path. However, if the perception sensors fail due to location or environmental challenges such as dust, heavy rain, snow, or smoke, the IMU can keep the vehicle on its projected path until data from the perception sensors re-engages or the vehicle is safely taken to a stop.

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