High-reliability flex printed circuit assemblies available now

Discover the added versatility of flexible printed circuits (FPC) from Harwin and available now from TTI Europe. These low-profile designs connect the go-anywhere routing of cables with the decreased vertical space of SMT connectors. Pick between Datamate J-Tek for 2mm pitch connectors and 1mm pitch FPC, or Gecko for 1.25mm pitch connectors and 0.5mm pitch FPC.

When a user replaces standard cable connectors with these flex-mounted SMT connections, they will be able to stack their PCBs closer. The FPC design provides for a right-angled connection and gives a sharper bend radius under static and dynamic conditions. Beryllium copper and gold-plated contacts maintain electrical contact under extremes of shock, vibration and temperature. Stainless steel jackscrews or latches assure reliability with a strong and secure connection.

The devices operate at temperatures of -65C to +150C. They are compatible with standard FPC/FFC connectors and fully shrouded and polarised to stop mismating.

Typical applications for the connectors include aviation flight control systems, radar and tracking, flight surface controls, satellites and cubesats, launch systems, UAVs, defence and security ground communications, rugged vehicle electronics, handheld portable equipment, robotics systems, drives and controls, and factory equipment.