Highly reliable power and signal connectors for rugged applications

Update: April 22, 2023

Powell Electronics now provide highly reliable power and signal SPMAX connectors from Positronic. Developed for space, satellite, commercial air, and defence applications, the devices profit from a slim precision-machined shell, excellent EMI/RFI protection and provide a very wide operating temperature range from -55C up to +175C (ensured by liquid crystal polymer insulators).

Offered in three sizes: XS, S, and M (46mm, 68mm and 96mm in length), these connectors combine multiple contact sizes in a single connector, including #12, #16, #18, and #22 contacts. Also, 21 different layout configurations are offered, making these devices compatible with various systems and equipment.

Compatible with EN4165 and ESA/ESCC-3401 necessities, the components are rated up to 35A per contact at 30C temperature rise, making them able to handle high power loads. Another excellent feature is the integral blind mating capability, allowing for up to 2mm of offset. This makes the connectors simpler to connect in tight spaces or in situations where visibility is restricted.

The connectors are offered with machined contacts in crimp, solder, or press-fit termination options, providing customers with excellent flexibility. Hardware options comprise angle brackets, board locks, jackscrews, and a quick-locking system. Furthermore, the components offer sequential mating and selective loading, making them an excellent solution for challenging applications.

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