Inductors offer optimal solutions for power electronics

HKR develops, manufactures and markets customer-specific chokes, choke combinations as well as single- and multi-phase filters based on ring and shell cores made of soft magnetic powder composite materials.

Under the brand name HaKRon, a coordinated range of various materials is available, which provide optimal solutions for many different tasks of power electronics.

Powder composite materials comprise at least two components, a ferromagnetic base material and a non-magnetic and electrically non-conductive plastic, which are pressed into moulded parts under high pressures and temperatures. The pressing process creates materials that, in addition to high density and strength, have very advantageous magnetic and electrical properties. These properties make inductors with these cores especially ideal for use in power electronics.

The sales program of the company incorporates customer-specific inductances optimised for the respective application and unwound ring and pot cores.