IO-link portfolio expanded with new UHF RFID reader

Pepperl+Fuchs is filling a gap in its portfolio with the IUT-F191-IO-V1 and providing customers with easy access to UHF RFID.

IO-Link has become a well-established interface on the market in recent years, and its usage is increasingly widespread. One explanation for its popularity is the standardised interface, which allows customers to combine several sensors effortlessly and uniformly. Further advantages include quick installation and straightforward replacement in the field. The existing HF RFID portfolio (13.56MHz) for IO-Link is now being extended to include a UHF reader.

The IUT-F191-IO-V1 fills the gap between HF and RFID and the UHF systems already provided by the company. The reader is used when the detection range of HF systems is no longer enough, or customers would prefer a UHF solution for other reasons, such as a UHF solution is already in employment and should be used consistently. In many applications, read/write distances of approximately 1m are completely sufficient. Also, the interface allows easy, cost-effective integration into any existing IO-Link networks, quick commissioning, and interchangeability. The Easy Mode – already familiar from the HF RFID read/write devices with IO-Link – decreases the programming effort for the user and provides ready access to UHF RFID applications. In Expert Mode, advanced setting options are also available. Applications include intralogistics, for example, where materials supplied to machines must be identified before further processing to avoid errors and disruptions to the production process, and products must have continuous traceability throughout the complete manufacturing process.

Potential applications include conveyor lines or automated storage systems, where IO-Link is often used to connect further sensor technology and components.

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