IQD extends crystal operating temperature range

The CFPX-180 is available in a range of frequencies from 12.0 MHz and the IQXC-42 from 16.0 MHz, with various load capacitances.IQD extends crystal operating temperature range

The parts are offered with frequency stabilities down to +-30ppm over -40 to 125 °C and the ESR values are specified slightly lower than for the existing range of crystals in order to meet the demands of new microcontrollers, which often require lower ESR, for example for IoT applications.

For engineers requiring AEC-Q200 qualification, IQD also has a range of automotive qualified crystals. For a full list of the available frequencies and specifications please visit our website parts are recommended for multiple applications, including Internet of Things (IoT and IIoT), e.g.:

• Ethernet

• Green and smart energy applications (Solar inverters)

• Industrial Control Systems


• Test and Measurement Systems

• Telemetry systems

• Transportation systems

• WiFi modules

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