King breaks ground on new Whittle lab

”To save this planet from increasing catastrophe the aviation sector is critical,” said the King.

King breaks ground on new Whittle lab


The King was on his way to Sandringham for some R&R after the Coronation and stopped off to perform the ceremony.

Also at the event was Grant Shapps, the Secretary for Energy and Net Zero.

The King saw demonstrations of the propulsion technologies under development at at the existing Whittle lab which was opened by Sir Frank Whittle in May 1973.

One of the guests at the ceremony, Anmol Manohar CEO  of electric jet company Greenjets, said: “Our collaboration with the Whittle Laboratory is key to our joint vision of decarbonising aviation. It’s a great honour to showcase some of our products to the King who has long been a supporter of protecting the environment. His words of encouragement will inspire us to continue working at a rapid pace.”




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