Macronix ArmorFlash NOR Flash achieves PSA Certified Level 1 status

Macronix ArmorFlash NOR Flash achieves PSA Certified Level 1 status

Macronix ArmorFlash NOR Flash achieves PSA Certified Level 1 status

Macronix has announced its ArmorFlash MX75 series NOR Flash has received PSA Certified Level 1 status at the device level, where the NOR Flash is integrated within a larger system.

An integrated device manufacturer in the non-volatile memory (NVM) market, Macronix said that achieving the PSA certification would ensure that designers had high degrees of security when selecting ArmorFlash MX75 memories for demanding applications such as Internet of Things (IoT) and other systems requiring robust data security.

ArmorFlash is Macronix’s family of highly secure and configurable NOR Flash devices for code and data storage and is used in a broad array of applications: IoT, automotive, computing, industrial, healthcare, wearables, smart homes, and smart cities.

The devices include both standard and advanced security features and are available in a range of densities and temperature grades.

Founded by a diverse roster of industry luminaries including Semiconductor and software design leader Arm and six other security-certification specialists, PSA Certified offers a concise security framework for connected devices, from analysis through to assessment and certification. The multi-stage certification process aims to mitigate fragmentation of IoT requirements and eliminate security threats as barriers to product development.

“The IoT ecosystem is expanding at an astounding rate, and with that growth comes the enticement for ‘bad actors’ to prey on the billions of devices that comprise it,” said Macronix Vice President of Marketing F.L. Ni. “Data storage is particularly alluring, given its rich collection of information. That’s why Macronix is as committed as ever to ensuring our NOR Flash solutions, such as the ArmorFlash MX75, are designed for optimal security. Toward that, we’ve worked diligently with PSA Certified to achieve device-level certification and provide designers with the verified assurance of security.”

A survey of several-hundred security professionals found that more than fourth-fifths of organisations have IoT devices on their corporate networks, yet over half had insufficient security measures.