Modular radio dev platform bring flexibility to FPGA and RF system designers

Saelig Company, Inc now offers the SpectraTronix C700 Modular Radio Development Platform – a system of mix-and-match RF modules for swiftly producing nearly any software-defined digital radio or analog, digital or arbitrary modulated RF system. Developed specifically to obtain fast results and flexibility for RF system designers and educators, choosing appropriate ready-made RF building-block modules enables users to test RF design concepts without diverting time and resources to producing and troubleshooting custom RF boards. The modules supply a frequency range from 0.4GHz to 6GHz, can offer one to 1000 channels, and one with an IQ resolution of 16 bits and wide IQ bandwidth to 40MHz. The system can also supply an instant RF hardware solution for software engineers commencing coding activities, enabling them to focus on their tasks. At the same time, the platform handles RF issues like synchronisation, local oscillator control, data communication, and all other ancillary functions. It is MIMO-ready with exceptional phase noise (-107dBc/Hz @ 10kHz), fast switching time (<10us) and outstanding SFDR performance.

The platform works out of the box, with no time wasted on setup integration, test-bed creation, or code re-design. The modules can be selected to create a customised RF system with ready-made modules for signal generation and vector modulation, signal reception and vector demodulation, oscillator generation and distribution, and onboard DSP (ARM and x86), baseband signal processing FPGA, and more. The modules are all Plug and Play and communicate together on the data bus, permitting users to create complex and high channel-count RF designs with speed and ease. This truly modular architecture replaces traditional boards with the versatility needed for innovation in MIMO and multi-channel applications. Modules or complete units can be stacked and aggregated for large-scale designs and readily connected to a PC for control, data I/O, or as hardware in the loop for simulation. It integrates with familiar design environments like MATLABii, LabVIEWiii, .NET and more.

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