Multilevel switching amplifiers available for wireless audio applications

Update: April 6, 2023

Mouser now stocks the MA2304xN MERUS multilevel switching amplifiers from Infineon Technologies. The series provides engineers with unmatched power efficiency at low and high output power for soundbars, wireless and Bluetooth speakers, and battery-powered designs for conference and multichannel room audio systems.

The MA2304DNS is a 2 × 37W audio amplifier with fully integrated and configurable DSP with I2S/TDM audio interface. It offers MERUS multilevel switching amplifier technology, allowing unmatched power efficiency at low and high output power without needing a heatsink or a traditional LC filter. Multilevel switching also lowers EMI and facilitates Inductor‑less applications with lower cost and no compromise in audio performance or efficiency. A high-order internal feedback loop ensures low THD for outstanding audio performance.

The MA2304PNS provides a simpler volume control and limiter for systems where an application/connectivity processor does the audio processing. This makes it excellent for battery-powered speaker applications where extended battery life and/or lower battery cell cost are essential. Providing an audio limiter and volume control with ultra‑low idle power consumption, five times lower than the conventional class D audio amplifiers, the device is also optimal for In-mains powered multichannel applications where decreased and scalable EMI performance enables designs without the need for a heatsink.

The series is supported by the EVAL_AUDIO_MA2304DNS and EVAL_AUDIO_MA2304PNS evaluation boards. The evaluation boards allow the user to demonstrate the features of the amplifiers, including audio performance, energy efficiency, and their adaptive power management system.

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