Nanusens steps towards CMOS integration for its MEMS sensor

Update: May 26, 2023

“This means that both the sensor structure and its detection circuitry can be made at the same time within a chip using standard CMOS processes on whatever process node is required,” said the Devon, UK company. “As a result, ASICs can now be made with several different sensors embedded within them.”

The sensors are all inertial, with a suspended mass.

Because it is a digital circuit, it can be scaled to the process node being used for the sensor structure, added Nanusens.

Potentially sub-μA average current will be drawn by a 180nm incarnation of this IC, according to the company, because the circuit can be operated on a low duty cycle, waking in 3μs.

“We are already in discussion with companies who want to license this IP”, said co-founder Josep Montanyà.

The company’s sensors are built in the BEOL (back end of line) metals of an IC, set free by etching away surrounding oxide layers.

Headquartered in Paignton, Nanusens has R&D offices in Barcelona and Shenzen. Its research carries on from Baolab Microsystems, the founders’ previous company.

While ‘white paper’ has sometimes come to mean ‘thin marketing gruel’, Naunsens has bucked the trend with a corker on its mems process, which is well worth a read.

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