New 12G-SDI 4K ultra high-definition transmission push-pull connectors

Update: April 22, 2023

LEMO has expanded its field-proven S Series push-pull connectors with the new 1S.275 Series for 12G-SDI 4K Ultra High-Definition transmission. The new robust push-pull connectors comply with the SMPTE ST 2082-1 standard for signal/data transmission and allow a transmission rate of 12Gbit/s fulfilling the 12G-SDI transmission standard and delivering eight times the bandwidth of a standard HD-SDI in a single link. The chocolate bar shape makes it easier to grip and handle.

The company has developed these connectors in response to the fast-moving technology landscape and market demands for high transmission rates, lighter structure, and low latency in live events for the AVB market segments and other market segments such as medical imaging platforms, endoscopy, and laparoscopy, among others.

The optimum design of these connectors provides seamless transmission with high precision, reliability, and low return loss, making it a feasible alternative to dual 6G or Quad 3G links. Many 4K professional cameras use Quad link BNC connectors to transmit 12G signals for UHD displays. The newly introduced product will enable the transmission of 12G-SDI utilising a compact single-link connection for UHD displays, allowing higher panel density, thus lowering the number of cables/ connectors.

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