New line of external antennas offers panel and connector-mounted options

Update: March 28, 2023

Amphenol RF has introduced external antennas to its product portfolio as a direct complement to existing RF interfaces delivering a complete solution from application to antenna. External antennas connect to familiar interfaces, including SMA, RP-SMA and N-Type and are provided in single, dual and wide-band configurations. These antennas are widely employed in Bluetooth, wireless protocols, WLAN/WWAN and IoT applications.

External antennas offer several design options – straight and swivel whip-style and panel, and external mount cabled designs. They are created from common RF interface materials with plastic antenna casings, mechanical hinges and swivels. These antennas are frequently mounted externally on a device using an RF connector interface. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with robust designs for harsh environments.

“Adding antennas to our portfolio of RF products is a natural progression of our business. We always say, ‘follow the signal,’ and now we’re able to offer engineers the ability to use Amphenol RF products from start to finish in their applications,” said Ron Orban, senior product manager responsible for the antenna expansion.

This type of antenna is offered as a monopole or dipole design and is generally employed for higher power transmission and reception. They are ideal for industrial IoT devices, wireless routers and set-top boxes, handheld remote-control units and surveillance cameras. Waterproof IP67-rated options are also available, together with custom solutions upon request.