NOR Flash memory targets small devices

Update: July 7, 2023

Infineon Technologies Inc. tackled the need to fit more memory into small spaces with the launch of the SEMPER Nano NOR Flash memory in 256-Mbit, 1.8-V configurations. Optimized for small battery-powered wearable and industrial applications, the new NOR flash device enables customers to achieve greater functionality and reliability in smart devices.

Applications, calling for more memory in much less space, include fitness trackers, health monitors, drones and more precise GPS trackers—all of which also require critical information logging, security and noise cancellation.

From smart watches to the latest in earbuds, demand for maximum battery life requires compact, low-power, reliable NOR Flash. Key features of the SEMPER Nano NOR Flash include 40 Mbyte/s SPI and, according to the company, industry-leading stand-by and active currents. Reliability is enhanced via built-in error correction code (ECC). A configurable sector architecture allows optimization for code and/or data storage.

Figure 1: The Infineon SEMPER Nano NOR Flash is supported by the SEMPER Solutions Hub, a one-stop portal providing building blocks necessary to integrate the Nano NOR Flash into applications. (Source: Infineon Technologies)

Making the design process easier, the SEMPER Nano NOR Flash is supported by the SEMPER Solutions Hub portal that provides access to software development kits with production-grade drivers and application code examples and hardware kits for prototyping with MCU system boards, as well as support for integrated development environments (IDEs). A SEMPER Nano Pmod-compatible memory module is also available for ease in assembling hardware development platforms.

To fit small form-factor devices, the SEMPER Nano NOR Flash is available in known-good-wafer (KGW) and wafer-level chip-scale packages (WLCSPs). BGA packages are also available upon request.


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