O-RAN radio unit test solution released

Anritsu Company has introduced the ORAN Test Platform MX772000PC and O-RAN Distributed Unit (O-DU) Emulator Platform Software MX773000PC solution to evaluate O-RAN Radio Units (O-RUs) efficiently. The integrated solution produces a flexible and efficient test environment to provide O-RU performance compliant with O-RAN and 3GPP standards.

Automated O-RU testing is delivered with the MX772000PC software, so engineers can create required test sequences utilising an intuitive GUI. It emulates O-DU operation for conformance testing regarding real field scenario of O-RU synchronisation by evaluating S-Plane Timing Error Injection testing on the O-RU based on O-RAN.WG4.CONF specifications.

The software supports the O-RAN Fronthaul specifications and deems a reduction in clock quality due to synchronisation drift induced by multi-vendor compatibility issues, multi-stage switch connections, and transmission equipment. Simple creation and editing of M-Plane messages for connection to the O-RU is supported to decrease errors when making M-Plane message sequences. Configuration of the CUSM-Plane can also be done by employing a single application.

The company has developed these new dedicated software packages to support efficient O-RAN Fronthaul tests to provide compatibility between multi-vendor equipment typically developed into O-RAN networks. In addition to the software, the solution offers an O-RAN Radio Test Solution that acts as an O-DU emulator on a COTS Dell server utilising an accelerator card and the Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A base station emulator that are controlled by a PC.

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