Online design option for buck converter IC with intelligent adaptive power sharing

Update: May 19, 2023

Silanna Semiconductor has declared that engineers can now employ the company’s Power Density Hero online configuration tool to speed up the design of multi-port chargers based on its SZPL3002A, the world’s first buck converter Power IC to offer intelligent power sharing.

Combining a high-efficiency synchronous buck converter and an advanced USB PD/FC port controller into a single QFN package measuring only 5mm x 5mm, the SZPL3002A power IC significantly reduces the number of components required to implement multi-port fast charger and adapter applications with each port rated for up to 65W output power. Power sharing and port power re-balancing functionality is available across two, three or four ports, with the controller providing that port power adapts to the requirements of a particular device, irrespective of when connections are made.

The solution is a simple-to-use, fast and effective ‘all-in-one’ online design software tool that simplifies and quickens the specification and prototyping of high-efficiency custom AC/DC and DC-DC power applications. With the addition of the power IC to the devices covered by the tool, registered engineers can employ a simple and intuitive interface to enter various key system parameters and performance needs for target applications built around this highly integrated IC. These incorporate minimum and maximum input voltage, output types and voltage and controller IC types.

The tool instantly calculates the required electronic components and values when all the information has been entered. It automatically sends a personalised, confidential document with comprehensive design specifications, circuit schematics and an optimised BOM, incorporating all devices, power ICs and discrete components.

Mark Drucker, Silanna Semiconductor’s CEO comments: “The SZPL3002A was developed to dramatically simplify multi-port charger applications. By providing the ability to configure a complete SZPL3002A-based solution using our easy-to-use Power Density Hero tool, we have made the design process even easier, helping OEMs to further minimise prototyping and testing times, make better use of internal resources and accelerate time-to-market for their next-generation products.”

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