Planar construction transformers for industrial power systems

Planar construction transformers for industrial power systems

Called the PLN0xx-ED21 series, of them the company said: “Planar-style transformer components offer efficiency and power density advantages over conventional wire-wound transformer designs due to significantly reduced ac resistance losses.”

Ratings vary across 48 to 70W with inputs from 33 to 57Vdc when switching at 250kHz.

There are three parts, all ~26 x 23 x 10mm:

  • PLN048-ED21A12S 1.6:1 for a 12V 4A output (90μH primary, 290nH leakage)
  • PLN050-ED21A05S 4:1 for a 5V 10A output (153μH, 400nH)
  • PLN070-ED21A05S 4:1 for a 5V 14A output (150μH, 600nH)

In each case, there are two primary windings (to be wired in parallel), three secondary windings (to be wired in parallel) and a single ‘third’ winding – primary to third winding ratios are 1.33:1, 1.6:1 and 1.6:1 respectively.

Volt-second time is 81.6Vµs, hi-pot isolation is 1.75kV (3s 500μA), and operation is over -40 to +125°C.

Construction uses standard PCB material in the windings, soldered to a surface-mount header to create a surface mount component.

Custom versions are available.

Applications are foreseen in industrial power systems, LED lighting and battery management.

The PLN0xx-ED21 product page can be found here