Polymer capacitors automotive series portfolio expanded

Update: May 10, 2023

With the T598 series, available now from Rutronik, KEMET offers Capacitors that provide the highest capacitance and lowest market-leading ESR values for automotive-qualified polymer capacitors. AEC-Q200 certified, the capacitors offer excellent service life, particularly in harsh environments, and this makes them especially ideal for applications in the drive train or chassis of vehicles.

The high-humidity and high-temperature polymer electrolytic capacitors T598X477M010ATE025, T598X477M006ATE025, and T598D687M2R5ATE009 are surface mountable for straightforward integration. Even under extreme conditions, such as high humidity and high temperatures, they offer increased ESR stability and a greatly increased capacity. In detail, this indicates with the same footprint in each case, 42% more capacity at 6.3V nominal voltage, 45% more capacity at 2.5V nominal voltage, and 114% more capacity at 10V nominal voltage.

With improvements in design and material selection, the service life of the capacitors is greatly extended. Consequently, passing qualification tests of 1,000 hours at 85C and relative humidity of 85% at nominal voltage or up to 2,000 hours at operating temperatures of up to 125C or 150C in (extended) endurance tests is attainable.

Typical application areas include the automotive industry, including sensors, radar, central computing units or cameras; autonomous driving for sensing, data fusion, and deep learning; and digitalisation for mobility services, connectivity, and infotainment.

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