Portfolio of ready-to-connect connectors for mobile machines

Update: May 5, 2023

binder provides ready-to-connect connector solutions for the Deutsch DT, AMP Superseal and AMP CPC model series and connectors from its portfolio as part of its Plug & Play product options. Connectors pre-assembled with cables are also available if needed. Also, cable switches with wiring options specifically tailored to different applications allow connector systems of different designs to be combined flexibly. This way, customised connectivity solutions can be produced for mobile machines. On the user side, these lower the cabling effort and provide tamper-proofness.

With their growing degree of automation, agricultural and construction machinery is becoming an increasingly vital field of application for advanced sensors and actuators. Typical applications incorporate actuators or valve controls as well as inclination, position, or level detection. Moreover, displays, lighting, operating devices, and diagnostics modules need to be connected within the mobile machines. From tractors and their attachments to combine harvesters and crop choppers to cranes, excavators, or dump trucks, the safe and fast connection of all these automation components is becoming extremely important.

Connector types, including the Deutsch DT and the Superseal and CPC series from AMP, have become established in such applications. The ISOBUS, according to ISO 11783, which is standardised globally in agricultural technology, also defines specific interfaces here. Consequently, combining advanced sensor/actuator technology with industry-proven connection technologies is a essential challenge for machine engineers.

To ease this task for system integrators, binder offers Deutsch-DT, AMP Superseal and CPC connectors as part of its Plug & Play portfolio and its own series. This allows the user to combine various connector types as needed. The agricultural and construction machinery products meet IP67 protection degree requirements when mated. They have a process-safe cable overmould to relieve the wires from tension forces. Featuring cables suitable for power track chains, the connectors are perfect for use on moving assemblies.

The company’s portfolio delivers the possibility to realise over-moulded Y distributions with ratios of 1:2, 1:4, 1:6 and 2:6. Users can select the connector types. The variability of connection supplies them with a wide variety of options. The maximum possible pin counts vary, depending on the distribution ratio, between eight and 18. Cable diameters vary from 3.5mm to 10mm, and the largest possible wire gauge is either 0.5mm² (1:2) or 1mm².

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