Pressure sensors aimed at medical ventilators

Pressure sensors aimed at medical ventilators

Called the VN series, they “incorporate an over-sampling technique to effectively eliminate noise outside the band of interest.”, according to the company. The over-sampling “also allows mechanical ventilators to directly use sensor outputs at full speed” and eliminates the need for post-sensor over-sampling.

Over-sampling is at 12kHz, than filtering brings this down to >1kHz.

Inside the 19 x 13mm devices, the acquisition system includes anti-alias filters, data acquisition, sensor compensation (0 – 50°C), bandwidth limiting and IO functions including serial data output in SPI or I2C.

Pressure sensors aimed at medical ventilatorsThere are seven devices (see table, more ticks mean better) to support applications from measuring flow to inlet, inspiratory, expiratory and barometric pressures.

VN026CM and VN131CM have high dynamic range and reduced noise floor. “Each sensor in the VN Series has 24bit output resolution,” said marketing v-p Anthony Gioeli. “With the extreme resolution sensors, manufacturers can more easily design one ventilator to support all patients from neonates to adults.”

Each sensor has an identical footprint and is pin compatible with the rest of the series, allowing a single PCB to be used for different applications.

The parts are sampling now.

Founded in 2016, Superior Sensor Technology is based in Los Gatos, California.

The VN Series product page can be found here

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